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Sunday, April 4, 2010

Doctor Who: The Eleventh Hour (spoilers)


As David Tennant regenerated into Matt Smith at the start of the new year, most of couldn't wait to see how this new Doctor would turn out. After an iffy start to this new Era of Doctor Who in the final moments of the End of Time, The Eleventh Hour puts all of the doubt and worries behind us. Matt quickly pulls you into his Character, as Steven Moffet, Executive Producer and new Head Writer of the show said, "there is no eleventh Doctor, there one Doctor with eleven different faces, He is still the same man."

The story picks right up were it left off, at the heels of the Regeneration, with the TARDIS quickly fall to Earth, and the Doctor hanging on for his life. With a quick use of his trusty Sonic Screwdriver he is able to divert from crashing in to Big Ben and strait in to the New Title Sequence. The TARDIS crashes in front of the home of the young Ameila Pond, who he is very quick to befriend. Ameila informs the Doctor of a scary crack in her wall. The Doctor still fresh from the regeneration is still having a hard time reacting to his new body, which leads to some very comedic moments, then right back into the story. Ameila and the Doctor investigate the crack in her wall, which turns out to be a crack in time and space, leading into a interstellar prison Atraxi, who give the two a strange warning, "Prisoner Zero has escaped" The Cloister Bell rings and the Doctor is off to the TARDIS and takes what he thinks is a quick 5 minute trip in to the Future to fix his ship. Ameila packs her bags and waits for him to return in hopes of traveling the Doctor

The Doctor returns to find Ameila, or now known as Amy, (Karen Gillan) dressed in a policewoman outfit to "arrest" the Doctor when he first returns to the house. He explains to her that the Prisoner Zero whom the Atraxi referred to has been living in Amy’s house by placing a perception filter on one of the rooms. Prisoner Zero takes on the form of a comatose patient, currently in the hospital where Amy’s boyfriend Rory Williams works, and chases the two out of the house after the Atraxi’s message "human residence will be incinerated" should Prisoner Zero not give itself up. With the message being played on every device possible everywhere they go, The Doctor comes to the Conclusion that they are talking about the entire Planet. Now the Doctor and Amy only have 20 minutes to save the world. Even with no TARDIS or Sonic Screwdriver, the Doctor will always save the day.


Written by fan favorite Doctor Who writer, Steve Moffet (Blink, Silence in the Library/ Forest of the Dead, The Empty Child/ The Doctor Dances) delivers like he always does, while this isn't his best written episode of the Series, it's still one that will not before gotten among Who fans. With the interdiction of the new Companion Amy Pond, Karen Gillan, will drive the guys mad. This beautiful firery red head as everything to make her one of the most interesting companions the shows has seen in years.

As Matt Smith dawns his new custom, he finally becomes the Doctor that we have know and love, becoming ten of my favorite minutes out the series, which the music and speech that will give any Who fan chills, and to the reveal of the New TARDIS, it is a hell of a way to start. While Matt Smith might take sometime for some of the Tennant, fangirls and boys to get use to this new Leading man, is sure to make his time on screen worth every second.

So where do you want to Start?


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